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Why Gay Pride Month is Wrong
Written by Dale Dieleman
Revised September 25, 2023

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The gay civil rights movement is based on the commonly believed premise that one is born Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender and that these are immutable characteristics and therefore cannot be changed. But is that true? To prove or disprove the validity of that premise the question needs to be asked, "Are there individuals in our society who at one time identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender but now do not?"

The answer to that question is, "Yes, there are." It is not my intent to be disrespectful or hurtful but the reality is that the  claim of "born gay and cannot change," is a myth. Change is possible.


When I say that change is possible this is not just my biased homophobic opinion as is often the charge. I say that change is possible because I have acquaintances and friends who at one time identified as gay but now do not. One of those is, my friend Ken Drew who at one time identified as gay but no longer does. His story deserves to be heard.


Most people have never heard the stories of former homosexuals like Ken and others such as  Joe Dallas, Jim Domen, Rosaria Butterfield and a host of others. Therefore, good-hearted, well-meaning people support efforts like gay pride month not knowing that the claim of born gay and cannot change is actually inaccurate medical information.



Another example of inaccurate medical information today is the idea that a boy can become a girl or a girl can become a boy. This claim goes so much against biological facts that one has to wonder, does the term "follow the science" have any relevancy anymore. Is there no established truth? Can anyone believe anything they want and those who disagree are not allowed to challenge or make a rebuttal using evidence based on long established facts?


Transgender activists set aside the biological definition of male and female which, since the beginning of mankind, has been defined by one's genitalia. They also totally disregard genetic facts such as the female XX and the male XY chromosomes.


Recently some have begun to claim that "gender is a broad spectrum" in which a person may identify with genders that are different from their natal sex..."  So how many genders are there? Free from the age old guidelines of male and female, the list is growing daily. A Fox News report contains the following regarding Dr. Diane Ehrensaft, "A California director of a gender clinic and medical school professor claimed there are "infinite" gender identities, including one called a "gender Tootsie Roll pop."" Such children are described by Ehrensaft as "Children who exhibit one gender on the outside but experience another gender on the inside.”

Removing the clear biological definition of male and female results in mental confusion for our children rather than mental clarity and stability. Mental confusion is dangerous because it can lead to thoughts of suicide. The Guardian states that more than 50% of trans and non-binary youth in the United States considered suicide in 2022. How many of those actually committed suicide is hard to find.


Children need clear direction. For example, in math 2 + 2=4. In biology it is male and female. Clear and simple definitions leave no confusion about which bathroom to choose or on which team to play sports.


For sure, there are those who are experiencing gender dysphoria. They need compassionate help but affirming their imagined gender and rushing them into transitioning through hormone blockers and surgery is the opposite of compassionate help.

Several, including former transgender Walt Heyer, have warned for years about the dangers of transgenderism. He tells his story at of how he transitioned from Walt to Laura and later back to Walt. The U.S. News reports that several European countries that for many years supported the idea of early transitioning are now reversing course and are taking a much more cautious approach.

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Chloe Cole tells her story of how, between the ages of 13-17, she was prescribed puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy by Kaiser Permanente.  She now regrets what has become permanent changes to her body and is suing Kaiser Permanente for not treating the underlying causes of her gender dysphoria through counseling. She believes that she was pushed into medical mutilation.

So we see stories of transitioners but we also have the often tragic stories of detransitioners. Are their stories to be ridiculed and suppressed because they don't fit the common narrative? No. Theirs are true stories that need to be heard and compassionately listened to.


We adults should sincerely seek the truth regardless of where that takes us. We owe that to our vulnerable and inexperienced children. Because, as we mentor them from infancy to adulthood, it is truth that matters. We need to remember, adults are the drivers. Children are the passengers. Their lives are literally in our hands.

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