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Introduced by Assemblymember Jackson
February 15, 2023

Was signed into law by Governor Newsom 9/25/2023


Quotes from AB 1078:


Section 1 1811 (b) "Commencing with the 2024–25 school year, the governing board of a school district shall only remove books, publications, or papers from schools and school libraries with approval from the state board and in compliance with other procedures developed by the state board, as described in Section 33030.5."

Currently Section 4 60040(a)(1) referenced in this bill reads "The contributions of both men and women in all types of roles, including professional, vocational, and executive roles. AB 1078 would change that to read "The contributions of people of all gender expressions in all types of roles, including professional, vocational, and executive roles."


Local control is a principle upon which the United States was founded. State control is what individuals in totalitarian countries use to impose their will on others.


AB 1078 is wrong because it takes away local control from parents and their duly elected school board members. Instead it allows certain Democrat California legislators to impose their idea of world history and human sexuality on every school district in California. How? By giving all authority for curriculum decisions to the California State Board of Education.

California Democrats, being in the majority, use legislative might to force their biased educational materials on California parents and their school age children. These education materials deliberately withhold historical facts regarding race and biology. The result is not education. Rather, public school classrooms become centers for indoctrination. Taxpayers and their children deserve better than this.

Contact the author:

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Dr. Corey Jackson (AD-60)
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0060

Phone (916) 319 2060

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