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SB 59 Menstrual Product Accessibility Act.(2023-2024)
Introduced by Senator Skinner
December 19, 2022

"This bill would enact the Menstrual Product Accessibility Act, which would require all women’s restrooms, all all-gender restrooms, and at least one men’s restroom in a building owned and used by the state to be stocked with menstrual products, as defined, available and accessible to employees and the public, free of cost, at all times."

Current California law requires certain public schools to stock free menstrual products in all women’s restrooms and all-gender restrooms, and in at least one men’s restroom, at all times. This proposed law expands that to include buildings owned and used by the state.

Comments: Males don't menstruate. Females and females pretending to be males do.

Author: Senator Nancy Skinner (D)

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1021 O Street, Suite 8630,

Sacramento, CA 95814-4900


Phone: (916) 651-4009

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