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Contacting Elected Officials

When calling, emailing or sending a letter, be polite. It is possible to be firm and polite at the same time although, admittedly, many Democrat sponsored bills are so outrageous that staying calm takes concentrated effort.


It is appropriate to contact both the author/s of the bill and your own legislator/s to voice your support for, or opposition to, proposed legislation.




Always be brief and to the point. Some will answer, some will let it go to voice mail. It is always helpful to write out beforehand what you want to say. especially, where you are calling from and in regards to what.

Example: I am calling from Yorkville, California to express strong opposition to H.R. 0000 because it imposes an undo burden on families.


Many will not accept an email from outside their district which can pose a problem when trying to contact the bill's author via email.

Writing a letter:

This is the most time consuming but also the most effective. It has been said that one letter is equal to one hundred phone calls. That doesn't mean that calls are not effective, rather, letters are even more effective.

Sample Letter:

2/14/2021 (today's date)

Attn: Congressman ???? (who are you writing to)

Re: Opposition (Support of) to HR 0000 (which bill are you opposing or maybe supporting)

Dear Congressman ????, (who are you writing to)

I am writing to express my strong opposition (could be strong support for) to HR 0000. It is an unnecessary (necessary) piece of legislation which would place an undo hardship on (greatly help) families.

Please vote no (yes) on HR 0000. (What is the bill number)

Respectfully Submitted,

Sign your name and include your contact information below

John Smith (your name)
1234 Walnut Ave (street address)

Yorkville, CA 95494 (city, state, zip)

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