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Voter Suppression vs Voter Integrity

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent out the following text on February 26, 2022, "Donald Trump vowed to run for President if I lose the House. Republicans nationwide introduced 400 voter suppression bills to make it happen."

Interesting text from the Speaker but let's be clear, there is a vast difference between voter suppression that the Democrats accuse the Republicans of versus enacting laws aimed at ensuring an honest election.

photo of Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine

Founding Father Thomas Paine said, "The right of voting for representatives, is the primary right by which other rights are protected."

Truly, voting is a sacred right and ensuring that each election is fair and honest should be the goal of us all, regardless of party affiliation.

No Republican is against an eligible voter casting a ballot but Republicans are very much against ineligible voters casting a ballot. What better way to ensure voter integrity, and that only legitimate voters are casting ballots, than to show some type of identification, for example, a drivers license, before we cast our ballot..

But what about those who are not at all against cheating during an election? Would they fight against all forms of voter identification? Of course they would.

Now, I am not saying that Speaker Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are trying to cheat but the question can be asked, "Why are they so much against identifying yourself before you vote?"

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