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SB 345 Fetus-Related Terminology
Introduced by Senator Skinner
February 7, 2023

Was signed into law by Governor Newsom 9/27/2023


Past California legislation has used the terms "unborn child," "unborn persons" and "child." SB 345 would replace those and similar terms with fetus. One example given in the introduction of SB 345 is to replace "unborn person" with "unborn beneficiary."

Comments: Isn't it strange that words we have used to refer to pre-born humans since the beginning of humankind, are suddenly needing to be changed? Changing the phrase unborn child to fetus reflects a change in the mores of society rather than on prenatal medical information. After-all, a child is still a child and a person is still a person regardless of size or stage of development.

Sadly, Planned Parenthood and those who clamor for abortion as birth control, can hide behind the word fetus much easier that they can child.

Recently, in Northern California, a medical clinic worker admitted that if the pre-born is wanted by its mother it is referred to as her baby. If the pregnancy is unwanted, then the same baby is referred to as a fetus.

We refer to our current society as civilized. Maybe we should use some other word that better describes who we  actually have become.

Contact the bill's author:

Senator Nancy Skinner
1021 0 Street, Suite 8630
Sacramento, CA 95814-4900

(916) 651 4009

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