SB 107 Wiener Gender-affirming Health Care

SB 107 Makes California a sanctuary state for minors who wish to transition their gender both here in California and also from states who have laws forbidding minors to transition.



Despite the claims of gender identity activists, one's sex (gender) is not determined by what you imagine yourself to be or wish yourself to be. This claim deliberately turns a blind eye to the biological reality that each of us are either male or female according to the body parts we are born with. Hormone therapy and/or surgery may alter one's appearance but it does not change one's biological sex (gender).


SB 107 allows adults, with no relation to the family, to guide a child into possibly irreversible health decisions without the child's parental consent and/or even if the child's parents object.

So, what if the child later regrets their decision to transition? Under SB 107, can those adults who encouraged the child to transition be held liable for any type of damages? NO. The child and their family are left alone to deal with the consequences.

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Senator Scott D Wiener
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