AB 2571, Bauer-Kahan. Firearms: advertising to minors.

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Today's Law as Amended

CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) interpretation of newly adopted amendments to AB 2571

Comments: None of us in California support the misuse of firearms by any age group but with AB 2571, Democrat legislators have enacted legislation that does not address the root cause of the misuse of firearms by minors.  AB 2571 does not address either the moral use of a firearm nor how to safely handle a firearm. Why is this important?

Guns are inanimate objects. A loaded gun can lay on a shelf, or counter, indefinitely and will not go off. If someone were to accidentally knock it off the shelf, or counter, and if the surface it landed on was hard, say concrete or tile, it could possibly discharge. However, most modern firearms are made in such a way that they will not go off even if accidentally dropped from a short distance. In California, according to Cal. Penal Code Section 31900, that requirement is approximately 39 inches.

No matter what age the person is who picks up a gun, the gun can be used for good or bad and this is where morality comes into play. One of the very first things that a firearm instructor will tell their students is to NEVER point a gun at another human being unless that person is threatening to take their life. Those who are for gun control will never include stories of when a gun was used for good, for example, to defend one's own life or the life of their family, of which there are many examples.


Further, regardless of the age of the one picking up a gun, it can be accidentally, or carelessly, discharged. So, knowing how to properly handle a firearm is vitally important. ​Firearm instructors spend a lot of time showing their students how to safely handle a firearm. And yes, just like any other tool, safety first. Accidents are preventable.

Some folks who are opposed to gun ownership also rabidly oppose teaching gun safety to minors yet safety programs, such as the NRA Eddie Eagle program, teach children to: "Stop! Don't touch. Run away. Tell a grownup."


We teach children knife safety from an early age but little concerning firearm safety. Impressionable children are allowed to watch movies where firearms are used both immorally and without regard to safety rules.

​And, yes, responsible gun owners agree, adults should keep all guns out of the reach of immature children.