AB-1940 School-Based Health Center Support Program

AB 1940 Author Rudy Salas Jr

This bill provides funding for School-based Health Centers on California public school campuses elementary through high school. It is a partnership of the State Department of Health and the State Department of Public Education.


Targeted areas of service include primary medical care, behavioral health services, and other health services to address the needs of the whole child. These school-based health centers may also include dental or vision care, substance use disorder services, nutrition counseling, schoolwide health education, and youth engagement and leadership opportunities.

Comments: The text of AB 1940 is generalities with no clearly defined parameters. It could include anything and everything and if implemented, overtime, no doubt will. Further, funding school-based health clinics could very easily exceed the cost of the education process itself.

AB 1940 fails to define what role the parents have in deciding which services their child will participate in. Who gives permission, the parents or the child and who will be the adult/s leading and coaching the child in their health choices?

One more time parental authority is being undermined through legislative action.  The heartbreaking part of this type of legislation is that when the advice of the health clinic has a bad outcome for the child, school and health officials will never admit any wrong doing but instead send the child home for the parents to deal with.

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