ACA-3 Senator Sydney Kamlager (D) Prohibit Involuntary Servitude in Prison

Text of ACA 3




The California Constitution prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude “except to punish crime.” ACA 3, the California Abolition Act, would amend the California Constitution to remove such conditional language, abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude without exception.

Comments: Oppose ACA-3

The California Constitution as written is just. Slavery, which is is the buying and selling of human beings to be used as forced labor for indefinite periods of time, is rightly prohibited. Involuntary servitude is also wrong and is rightly prohibited. However, jail time is punishment for committing a crime and has clearly defined time limits.

Those who commit crimes must suffer the consequences and pay their debt to society regardless of skin color. The court can decide on jail time, fines, work assignments, probation or a combination of all four.


This resolution is built on the idea that certain ethnic groups are unfairly targeted by law enforcement but ignores the fact that certain ethnic groups commit more crime and consequently find themselves more often doing jail time.

The current wording of the California Constitution is well thought out and wisely worded. It should not be changed.

Contact Information:

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Senator Sydney Kamlager

1021 O Street, Suite 6510

Sacramento, CA 95814-4900

Phone: (916) 651 4030

For those in Hemet and San Jacinto, Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh is our state senator. Her contact information is below. Not sure who your state senator is? Click here.

Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh
1021 O Street, Suite 7220
Sacramento, CA 95814-4900
(916) 651-4023