AB 2223 Reproductive Health

Bill Text


Bill History


Introduced by Assembly Member Wicks

February 15, 2022

Principle coauthor Assembly Member Mullin

Amended in Assembly March, 17, 2022

This proposed bill includes the following three areas:


1. SECTION 1. (b) "Reproductive justice is the human right to control our bodies, sexuality, gender, work, and reproduction."

2. This bill strikes all references to the phrase pregnant woman and inserts either individual or pregnant person.

3. Under SEC. 8 123468 a pregnant person is exempt from criminal prosecution following the death of her fetus regardless of the circumstances.

Comments regarding the three areas above:

1. Regarding the phrase reproductive justice in SECTION1. (b)

Reproductive justice is one thing, abortion is another. So, when reproductive justice includes abortion, then two people are involved, the mother and her pre-born child?" Since Roe v Wade, the question has been, "What about the rights of the pre-born child?" Biology more and more clearly shows us that the pre-born are living beings, albeit tiny. But does size define our worth, or status, as human beings?


We were all once fetuses in our mother's womb but were we worth less at two months in our mother's womb than two months after we were born? When did our constitutional right to life begin?

2. Regarding striking the phrase pregnant woman and replacing it with pregnant person, again biology clearly shows that only females get pregnant. If the phrase pregnant woman is too broad then use the phrase pregnant female. When one's ideology defies biology then obviously one's ideology is wrong.

3. This bill eliminates all penalties or possibility of criminal prosecution for the death of a fetus, regardless of the circumstances, as long as the mother was consenting to the death. Are we really willing to say, as a civilized society, that there is no irresponsible behavior that shouldn't be prosecuted?

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Assemblymember Kevin Mullin

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